Adult Dachshunds Available for Adoption

Occasionally we will have adult dogs and older puppies who we are trying to find a forever home for. When we do, we will post their information here. The adult dogs posted will be our sires and dams that are no longer breeding. We do not over-breed our dogs and will always retire our adults no later than 7 years old. All of our adults and puppies are fed high quality food, receive current vaccinations, and remain on a de-worming schedule to assure maximum health. We socialize both our adult dogs and our puppies, so they are always friendly and get along with other dogs. Any older puppies that would be on this page are puppies that for one reason or another, have just not found the right home. We never rush our adoptions or allow any of our dogs to go into a home where they can not receive tons of attention and become part of a family.

Payton is available for adoption!

dachshund payton

Payton holds a special place in our hearts because he was the first cream we brought into our family. He set the standard for what a Boylan Dachshund is today. He is a very sweet boy. He is a little cautious with strangers, but is very comfortable and kind with his family. He is 8 years old and has lots of love to give to the right family, especially a retired home where someone can be home to spoil him. These pictures are a few years old. We will be taking new pictures and video soon. He does have some gray on his face. Give us a call if you would like to know more about Payton.

Zsa Zsa has found a new home in sunny Arizona!

Zsa Zsa

Asia has found a forever home in Virginia!

We have been blessed to have two Boylan doxie’s. Our first was Comet who was one of Asia’s puppies. After Comet was born, Bob and Lori decided to retire Asia. As soon as we found out, we knew we had to have her. It took a few months to complete the process. She had to be “fixed” before they could ship her and it was critical to both Bob and I that she heals completely before we put her on a plane. It was best for her to heal where she was most comfortable.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient and supportive once you bring home a retired sire or dam. It will take a little while for them to acclimate to their new home, environment, and family. All dogs and puppies move at their own rate. When we first got Asia she was having accidents in our house. We were stumped because it was only happening overnight even though she had full access to the fenced in back yard. The signs were all there and we weren’t listening to what she was telling us. She didn’t like going out by herself at night and would hold it because she was scared. You could tell every morning she hated to disappoint. We back up to woods and that was very different then the Boylan’s. Before we would go to bed at night, we would have all of the dogs go out together. It completely solved the problem and there are no more accidents. With lots of patience and love, Asia has made a complete transition. She did exceptionally well considering she was the last to join a pack of 4 (3 smooth coats and 1 long haired), making 5 once she arrived.

We could not imagine not having her as a part of our family! All of this is a direct result of Bob and Lori’s expertise in placing the right dog within the right home. We will never get a doxie anywhere but from the Boylan’s. Their dogs have great personalities, are beautiful, gentle, healthy, and loving dogs. In our minds, they breed the perfect doxies!!

The Quirk Family