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Adult Dachshunds Available for Adoption


Occasionally we will have adult dogs and older puppies who we are trying to find a forever home for. When we do, we will post their information here. The adult dogs posted will be our sires and dams that are no longer breeding. We do not over-breed our dogs and will always retire our adults no later than 7 years old. All of our adults and puppies are fed high quality food, receive current vaccinations, and remain on a de-worming schedule to assure maximum health. We socialize both our adult dogs and our puppies, so they are always friendly and get along with other dogs. Any older puppies that would be on this page are puppies that for one reason or another, have just not found the right home. We never rush our adoptions or allow any of our dogs to go into a home where they can not receive tons of attention and become part of a family.

Brody has found a home!

dachshund_brodyWe have decided to find a forever home for our wonderful boy, Brody. He is only four years old, so he is still quite the youngster. He has been neutered and his teeth cleaned. He does have a spot on one of his teeth that may need some cosmetic attention. He has been a wonderful addition to our fur-kid family and has sired several beautiful litters of dachshund puppies, including one of our sires, Troy. Brody is definately on the larger side of the scale, more of a standard weight of 18 pounds. He has a heart of gold and will make a great companion for anyone who wants a big ol’ baby to love. Brody does really well with other dogs and loves kids. He has a gentle soul and is quiet unless stimulated. He would do best in a home where he does not need to be left alone for long periods of time. He is very playful and just loves to be with his family. He is very good at giving you those “puppy dog eyes” so that you will bend to his wishes. Brody will do best with someone who can put in the time to further train him and teach him how to be a great indoor dog. Yes, he will need help on potty training, but he is a smart dog and should catch on quickly.

Brody is one of our foundation dogs and we love him to pieces. However, it is our philosophy that we owe it to our dogs to find them the best possible home to live out their life. He has brought a lot to our program and we want to make sure that he finds a home where he will be spoiled and the center of attention. Since he holds such a special place in our hearts, we will be particular about choosing him the perfect home. The only payment we ask is to cover his transportation and a small donation or our non-profit K-9 Hope. If you have lots of time and love to give Brody, please contact us. See current pictures and a video here!